Selected Publications

2D superconductor Signatures of two-dimensional superconductivity emerging within a three-dimensional host superconductor
Carolina Parra, Francis C. Niestemski, Alex W. Contryman, Paula Giraldo-Gallo, Theodore H. Geballe, Ian R. Fisher, and Hari C. Manoharan
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(16), e2017810118 (2021).

Quantum engineered Kondo lattices Quantum engineered Kondo lattices
Jeremy Figgins, Laila S. Mattos, Warren Mar, Yi-Ting Chen, Hari C. Manoharan, and Dirk K. Morr
Nature Communications 10 5588 (2019).

MoS2 sulphur vacancies Activating and optimizing MoS2 basal planes for hydrogen evolution through the formation of strained sulphur vacancies
Hong Li, Charlie Tsai, Ai Leen Koh, Lili Cai, Alex W. Contryman, Alex H. Fragapane, Jiheng Zhao, Hyun Soon Han, Hari C. Manoharan, Frank Abild-Pederson, Jens K. Nørskov, and Xiaolin Zheng
Nature Materials 15 48-53 (2016).

BPBO structural phase transition Stripe-like nanoscale structural phase separation in superconducting BaPb1-xBixO3
P. Giraldo-Gallo, Y. Zhang, C. Parra, H.C. Manoharan, M.R. Beasley, T.H. Geballe, M.J. Kramer, and I.R. Fisher
Nature Communications 6, 8231 (2015).

Strain-textured MoS2 Optoelectronic crystal of artificial atoms in strain-textured molybdenum disulphide
Hong Li, Alex W. Contryman, Xiaofeng Qian, Sina Moeini Ardakani, Yongji Gong, Xingli Wang, Jeffrey M. Weisse, Chi Hwan Lee, Jiheng Zhao, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Ju Li, Hari C. Manoharan, and Xiaolin Zheng
Nature Communications 6, 7381 (2015).

Diamondoid fullerene hybrids Unconventional molecule-resolved current rectification in diamondoid-fullerene hybrids
Jason C. Randel, Francis C. Niestemski, Andrés R. Botello-Mendez, Warren Mar, Georges Ndabashimiye, Sorin Melinte, Jeremy E. P. Dahl, Robert M. K. Carlson, Ekaterina D. Butova, Andrey A. Fokin, Peter R. Schreiner, Jean-Christophe Charlier, and Hari C. Manoharan
Nature Communications 5, 4877 (2014).

Artificial honeycomb review Artificial honeycomb lattices for electrons, atoms and photons
Marco Polini, Francisco Guinea, Maciej Lewenstein, Hari C. Manoharan, and Vittorio Pellegrini
Nature Nanotechnology 8, 625-633 (2013).

molecular graphene Designer Dirac fermions and topological phases in molecular graphene
Kenjiro K. Gomes, Warren Mar, Wonhee Ko, Francisco Guinea & Hari C. Manoharan
Nature, 483, 306?310 (2012).

laser graphene Laser-Synthesized Epitaxial Graphene
S. Lee, M. F. Toney, W. Ko, J. C. Randel, H. J. Jung, K. Munakata, J. Lu, T. H. Geballe, M. R. Beasley, R. Sinclair, H. C. Manoharan and A. Salleo
ACS Nano, 4, 7524-7530 (2010).

A romance with many dimensions Topological insulators: A romance with many dimensions
H. C. Manoharan
Nature Nanotechnology 5, 477-479 (2010).

Fano resonances in graphene Theory of Fano resonances in graphene: The influence of orbital and structural symmetries on STM spectra
T. O. Wehling, H. P. Dahal, A. I. Lichtenstein, M. I. Katsnelson,
H. C. Manoharan, and A. V. Balatsky
Physical Review B 81, 085413 (2010).

Quantum Imaging Quantum imaging of topologically unpaired spin-polarized Dirac fermions
K. K. Gomes, W. Ko, W. Mar, Y. Chen, Z.-X. Shen, and H. C. Manoharan
arXiv:0909.0921 (2010).

Quantum Invisiblity Detection and cloaking of molecular objects in coherent nanostructures using inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy
J. Fransson, H. C. Manoharan, and A. V. Balatsky
Nano Letters 10 1600-1604 (2010).

TI Topological insulator nanowires and nanoribbons
D. Kong, J. C. Randel, H. Peng, J. J. Cha, S. Meister, K. Lai, Y. Chen,
Z.-X. Shen, H. C. Manoharan, and Y. Cui
Nano Letters 10, 329-333 (2010).

Quantum Hologram Quantum holographic encoding in a two-dimensional electron gas
C. R. Moon, L. S. Mattos, B. K. Foster, G. Zeltzer,
and H. C. Manoharan
Nature Nanotechnology 4, 167-172 (2009).

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USb2 Surface Surface structure of cleaved (001) USb2 single crystal
S. P. Chen, M. Hawley, P. B. Van Stockum, H. C. Manoharan, and E. D. Bauer
Philosophical Magazine 89, 1881-1891 (2009).

Two States Gating Single-atom gating of quantum-state superpositions
C. R. Moon, C. P. Lutz and H. C. Manoharan
Nature Physics 4, 454-458 (2008).

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Isospectral nanostructures Quantum phase extraction in isospectral electronic nanostructures
C. R. Moon, L. S. Mattos, B. K. Foster, G. Zeltzer, W. Ko,
and H. C. Manoharan
Science 319, 782-787 (2008).

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fork Scanning optical homodyne detection of high-frequency picoscale resonances in cantilever and tuning fork sensors
G. Zeltzer, J. C. Randel, A. K. Gupta, R. Bashir, S.-H. Song,
and H. C. Manoharan
Applied Physics Letters 91, 173124 (2007).
[Also selected for
Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology12 Nov 2007.]

cloverleaf Information transport and computation in nanometre-scale structures
D. M. Eigler, C. P. Lutz, M. F. Crommie, H. C. Manoharan, A. J. Heinrich, and J. A. Gupta
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A 362, 1135-1147 (2004).

ESR-STM schematic Applied physics: Spin spotting
Hari C. Manoharan
Nature 416, 24-25 (2002).

theory of qm Scattering theory of Kondo mirages and observation of single Kondo atom phase shift
G. A. Fiete, J. S. Hersch, E. J. Heller, H. C. Manoharan, C. P. Lutz, and D. M. Eigler
Physical Review Letters 86, 2392-2395 (2001).

Downsampled Quantum mirages formed by coherent projection of electronic structure
H. C. Manoharan, C. P. Lutz, and D. M. Eigler
Nature 403, 512-515 (2000).